Chris Sivak, composer

"Cap was the place where I began to develop a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life, artistically. The smaller class sizes meant that if I wanted to do something, all I had to do was ask and then follow through with the work required. Cap gave me my first experience singing in a choir as well as my first experience writing for one. I'm grateful for my time there!"

Adrian Verdejo, classical guitarist

"As a young music student new to BC, Capilano Music offered a welcoming environment for me to 
develop and grow as a musician. I was able to study with incredible instructors, was able to travel abroad, and formed relationships
which are still active today. Over the years I've often collaborated with colleagues that I met at Capilano Music during my period of study.
I'm proud to be an alumnus of Capilano University's Music program and I value the memories and experiences I gained as a student." 

Matthew Silverman, guitar instructor, Niel Douglas Guitar Shop

"Cap U has had a tremendous influence on my career in music. The education I received there provided me with a strong foundation for the musical skills I would continue gain while working as a musician. When I first auditioned at Cap my musical skills were limited due to starting guitar later in life. The instructors at Cap saw my passion and potential and accepted me into the program where I acquired many of the skills that made my career possible. I have been making a comfortable living from music for the last 7 years since graduating. My career continues to grow every year. I spend my time teaching at Neil Douglas Guitar Shop where I teach six days a week and run band camps in the spring and summer. I have performances two to three times a month, sometimes more. I am also responsible for booking music at the Deer Lake Art Gallery for their Live at the Gallery series. 

So many great BC musicians have graduated from Cap. My connection to the University has provided me with a priceless network of musicians that continues to grow with each year of new Cap grads. When ever you meet another musician from Cap - whether or not they are from your year, the Jazz program, or the Classical program - you instantly share that connection with them. The teachers at Cap have also provided me with countless opportunities over the years. We continue to stay in touch to this day."

Virginia Acuña, musicologist

"I have beautiful memories of my years studying at Capilano University or, as my friends and I still call it, “Cap.” When I think of Cap, I remember its beautiful campus, its superb faculty and staff, and the happy faces of its students. I remember feeling like I was part of a big family, and this filled me with confidence and happiness. Our professors in the Music Program were exceptional teachers and human beings. They knew our names and got to know us well; they inspired us and encouraged us to work harder; they shared our passion for music; they understood our fears and insecurities and offered unwavering support. The positive energy in the Music Program made us all feel safe and at ease, helping us reach our full personal, academic, and artistic potential. There I formed life-long friendships with fellow students as well as with some of our teachers. Dr. Wendy Grant, my first music history teacher, was my first mentor and is now a great colleague and a dear friend. 

I am very grateful to have been a student at Capilano University. I made friends for life, and I received an excellent education that prepared me for a successful career in music."

Changiz Asadollahi, owner & instructor at Dio Piano School

"Thanks to the support of music department at Capilano University. I will never forget those productive days that I spent at Capilano University campus in order to be prepared for my goal. Having valuable resources at Capilano University and being able to study with educated and passionate instructors helped me to get closer at my goal." 

Mark D'Angelo, trumpeter, instructor

"My time at Capilano had a large impact on preparing me for a career as a professional Musician.  The individual attention I received in lessons, along with a strong foundation in ear training, theory, and sight singing have helped me become a versatile musician with a broad skill set." 

Elizabeth Humphries, music studio director, voice & piano teacher, performer

"My Music education at Capilano University truly propelled me towards the rewarding career in Music that I now get to enjoy. I am grateful for the performance opportunities, encouragement and support from the instructors and quality of education that I received. The years I spent at Capilano University are some of my best!"

Karen Nakajima, pianist, trumpeter, music theorist, music educator

"I am so happy I chose Capilano University to begin my post-secondary music studies. Not only did I feel completely comfortable in the small classes, I was given countless opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible if I attended any larger institute. The music faculty is excellent, and I really love how they get to know everyone personally and offer one on one attention tailored to individual needs."

Eva Hodge, pianist, music educator

Taymaz Saba, composer, sound designer

I met great instructors at Capilano University. The most valuable thing for me was my instructors' intentions and different approaches. I learned music and most importantly singing, arranging, composition and at last conducting. Coming from a classical background, I was challenged by the equipment and programs used in digital music production, but this also allowed me to explore my creativity and take my executions in different directions. I was always composing in classical form using different musical theory techniques. One day, I decided to do a house remix of a small choir that blew my friends away. It was unexpected and so much fun. I thank Lars Kaario for giving me and my friend Andrei Diaconu the greatest opportunity to compose a 4 minute requiem back in 2009.

Sergio Augusto, lyric tenor

For my needs and situation I found the Cap U Music Diploma to be exactly what I needed. The relaxed environment allowed a late-bloomer like me to really catch-up and understand music in my own terms. I have not pursued further formal education in my field because I always felt it would not benefit me. I’m fond of saying that singers should be nurtured not trained, and that’s exactly what the faculty and the ambience at Capilano University provided me with.

It’s a great program that allows you to learn and does not rush you out the production line. Special thanks to Wendy Grant, Lars Kaario, and Geordie Roberts.